Welcome to the World of Smart Lighting

The Peak Lighting App is the companion to your Peak LED Lighting System. It connects your iPhone or Android device to the LED starter kit, allowing you to control your lighting system over Wi-Fi with lots of built-in features that you will enjoy.



Endless Colours

You can choose any colour you like for your LED lights using the Peak Lighting App.

Special Effects

Using the built-in special effects, you can choose the colour theme, transition option, speed and brightness to set the mood to your preference.

Schedule Events

With the event scheduling feature you can program your lighting system to switch on and off at predefined times even when you are not at home.

Sync to Your Music

The Peak Lighting app allows you to play any music that you’ve purchased and downloaded onto your smartphone.

Want to learn more about the Peak Lighting App?

We created a detailed user guide for you to make the most out of this exciting new product!

Visit the Site  Download as PDF