Company Overview


Peak is an international leader in the home renovation and outdoor living products sector, offering over 1,000 products. These include aluminum railings, fencing and decking products, gutters, gardenware, and much more.

In Canada and the United States, Peak products are sold exclusively through The Home Depot, the world's largest home improvement retailer. Peak has been supplying The Home Depot since 1999. Today, our vast array of products are sold in the 2,200 Home Depot stores throughout North America. Peak also supplies many of its product lines to Bunnings, the largest home improvement retailer in Australia and New Zealand.

To meet the growing demand for its products, Peak Products manufactures its products in Canada, Mexico, Asia, and a growing number of countries around the world. Peak also operates large distribution centres in Canada, USA, and Australia.

Company History

The rise of Peak from small start-up into an international home renovation and outdoor living products’ leader began 25 years ago in a small Vancouver apartment with just one phone, one fax machine and one product.

Peak founder and CEO John Gross had just earned his MBA from Simon Fraser University, and while checking local newspapers for business ideas came across a tiny ad offering high quality overseas manufacturing at low prices. John called the number and on the other end of the line was an electrical engineer from Beijing who’d been trying to get new products off the ground in North America without success.


Rather than trying to get a new product off the ground, John figured they should find something that already existed and just make a better version at a lower cost. Based on his home renovation experience, John decided his first product should be a post holder for 4x4 posts. After visiting a very small factory in China, he convinced a Lower Mainland manufacturing company that he could provide them with better post holders than they were making, at a much lower cost. When the first container arrived, they immediately stopped manufacturing them and made Peak their supplier.

John eventually set his sights on The Home Depot, which in 1999 only had a couple of dozen stores across the country. After months of sales calls, he received a call from the store in Nanaimo, where the manager was looking for a better post holder, one that could stand up to West Coast weather. In a pattern that would repeat itself many times over the next 25 years, the Peak team acted quickly to take advantage of an opportunity left open by the competition.

That first $50 order from Home Depot generated a $5-profit for Peak. On the vendor application form were the instructions - repeated ten times - to always ship 100% complete and on time. It’s a commitment John and the Peak team took to heart.


As Home Depot grew, so did Peak, with a design team focused on creating products to help people make their homes and outdoor living spaces more beautiful, enjoyable, durable and safe. As the Peak product line steadily grew to more than 1,000 individual products, so did its reputation for innovation, quality and value.

"We’re so fortunate to have the best team in the business and an incredible partnership with The Home Depot, the world's largest home improvement retailer," says John.