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Light up the scariest night of the year with the Peak LED Lighting Kit

Halloween is around the corner and there’s no better way to get into the spirit than dressing up your house with some cool LED lighting. When you head to Home Depot to pick up monsters, cobwebs, and other Halloween decorations don’t forget to grab the Peak LED Lighting system to light up your house and give it that haunted glow. Did we mention that you can also time special effects to your favorite downloaded spooky music!

With Peak LED Lighting you can use your imagination to create the perfect Halloween ambiance. But the best part?  Once your lights are up, you can enjoy them year-round for all your special occasions.  That means you have a lighting system that’s not just functional - providing great visibility on those cold, dark nights – but fun too!

Once you install this Wi-Fi enabled lighting system you can use the free Peak Lighting App to control the lighting through your Wi-Fi network. The app opens up endless possibilities for your lighting with limitless colors as well as custom effects and timers to help spook the little ones. Cycle through purples, oranges or whatever your Halloween color scheme is and sync the lights to your favorite downloaded Halloween music.

Be forewarned, you may have to pick up some extra candy this year for all the kids wanting to get a glimpse of your wicked Halloween scene! Installation is easy and unlike traditional holiday lights, you can leave the Peak LED Lighting system up all year round. Begin with the LED Starter Kit that includes everything you need to get your project started and add Extension Strips as needed.

The LED Starter Kit includes:

•    19’6” (6m) Multicolor LED Strip
•    Power supply
•    Wi-Fi controller
•    Extension cable

The Peak LED Starter Kit is available exclusively at a Home Depot store near you or order online at (Canada) or (USA)

For more useful information and resources including how-to videos, FAQs, and downloadable installation instructions, visit

Light up your Halloween with Peak LED Lighting and give the kids a fright!

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