Peak on Makeover Madness - Peak Products (Canada)

Peak on Makeover Madness

We are very excited that our RailBlazers® aluminum railing system featuring Peak LED Lighting was on Cityline's Makeover Madness this week!

April 4, 2016

Since we launched our LED Lighting System in the fall, we have had amazing feedback about how innovative and durable the program is. With 'smart home' concepts rapidly increasing in popularity, our Wi-Fi enabled LED lighting system is a leader within the outdoor smart lighting segment.

We built our LED Lighting System to fit right into our RailBlazers aluminum railing to create a seamless and beautiful look. But we didn't stop there, thanks to the component based configuration, you can attach the LED strips to just about anything using our LED Strip Holders!

For more information on these programs, you can visit RailBlazers® and Peak LED Lighting websites.