Chain Link Fence Planning, Made Simple

Measure your space and enter your dimensions

Select your Chain Link fencing style

Get a complete priced part list for your fencing project

Launch the Chain Link Designer

Create Your Own Design with Google Maps

There are several pre-defined project templates to choose from to make it simple to start a project. To make it even simpler, we added the ability to create your own design with Google Maps!

The system will show a map based on the address you enter. Then, the map image will be applied to the 2D project canvas and you can draw the layout of your fencing that way.

See Your Chain Link Fencing Design Come to Life in 3D

Once you have a fencing layout on the canvas, you can view your project in 3D at any point during the design phase. Simply tap on the 3D View icon to see your Chain Link Fencing design come to life!

The 3D View allows you to visualize your custom fencing project from every angle and review the final design before it's physically built. This is an exciting way to see different Chain Link Fencing style options and get exactly the look you want.

The Peak 3D Chain Link Designer simplifies the decision making process, saving you time and money.

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As Easy as 1-2-3

Planning a custom chain link fencing project can be tricky. We get it. That’s why we built the Peak Chain Link Designer to help you get the job done quicker!
Whether you’re a DIY user or a professional builder, these handy features will make planning Chain Link Fencing easier and much more enjoyable!