Aquatine™PLUS Pool Fencing

Combining form and function, the Aquatine™PLUS Pool Fencing is a sophisticated component-based fencing system unlike any other. Made from durable, rust-resistant aluminum to ensure longevity and attractive results. The Aquatine™PLUS aluminum fencing system is suitable for pool, garden or yard applications and can be installed on soft or hard surfaces.


Gate Kit

Build a wood fence gate that won’t sag over time using the Peak Gate Kit. Made from attractive and durable steel, the Gate Kit is designed to add strength to your wooden gate. The kit comes with four steel brackets that support 2x4s for fast and easy assembly. Fits right or left swing gates 24-inch to 72-inch wide.


Aluminum Fencing

If you’re looking for a fencing solution that is strong, beautiful, quick to install and easy to maintain, look no further than the Peak Aluminum Fencing. Install the fence in the front yard to boost your home’s curb appeal or use it to add security around property lines (always understand and comply with your local building codes before installing). Constructed from strong, corrosion-resistant aluminum for superior durability and longevity. Available in stock in select Western Canada stores.


Ground Spikes

Install fences and posts quickly and easily with our heavy-duty steel ground spikes. Choose from the Adjustable Ground Spike or the non-adjustable Ground Spike (recommended for light use). Our ground spikes make the perfect post support for private fences, picket fences, mailboxes and more. No digging or concrete required! Simply drive the ground spike into the ground and attach to your wooden post.


Chain Link Fencing

Our range of Chain Link Fencing provides the ultimate in quality, durable, and cost-effective fencing. Durable and corrosion resistant, our chain link fencing is virtually maintenance-free and easy to install. Use main posts for corners, ends and on either side of gates. Choose from galvanized steel or black. Available in stock in select Western Canada stores.


Utility Fencing

Browse our wide range of high-quality utility fencing solutions including Welded Hardware Mesh, Welded Fence, Galvanized Utility Fence, Hex Wire Netting, Safety Fence, Plastic Hardware Mesh, Plastic Netting, Plastic Fencing, Snow Fence, U-Post and T-Post.


Aluminum Handrail Kit

Use this elegant Aluminum Handrail Kit to provide additional support to stairways and narrow and uneven hallways. Available in brushed silver and brushed bronze, this handrail provides superior connection to your walls to ensure a safe environment in many areas of the home where accidents can happen.

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