Meet the 3D MultiHorse

Meet every sawhorse you’ll ever need! With a truly innovative design, the 3D MultiHorse comes with customizable sawhorse brackets that allow you to adjust to any length, width or height. And they can be assembled and disassembled easily on even and uneven surfaces! Simply use pull pins to adjust the width, release leg clamps to adjust each leg to an independent height, and your plank determines the overall length.

The 3D MultiHorse features all-steel construction for reliable strength and lasting durability. It's also designed with dual-action clamp release handles to provide you with increased safety and security.

3D MultiHorse Sawhorse Brackets
  • Adjusts to any length, width or height
  • Includes 4 steel sawhorse brackets
  • Includes 4 rubber boots that eliminate any difficult cuts
  • All necessary screws included and ready for use with lumberthat you supply
  • Independently adjustable legs are perfect for even and uneven surfaces
  • Featured on Dragons’ Den
  • Exclusive to The Home Depot
The 3D MultiHorse adjusts to any size you need

Rebar and Rebar Accessories

Explore our range of rebar and rebar accessories! Use the Peak Epoxy Rebar and Standard Rebar to ensure your concrete foundation has the strength it requires. The Epoxy Rebar and Standard Rebar are available in various sizes to support any project, big or small. This range is perfect for providing tensile strength to concrete, minimizing cracking and natural settling.

The Peak Epoxy Rebar is finished with epoxy coating for additional protection against corrosion. Both the Epoxy Rebar and Standard Rebar are ideal for use in concrete reinforcement. They can also be used as garden stake, garden protection, ground spike, forming stake, tent stake, connector tie, property delineation and many other outdoor applications.

Use the Peak Rebar Chair to elevate rebar and wire mesh off the ground for concrete construction projects. And to prevent injury, place the Peak Rebar Safety Cap on any exposed rebar.

Rust-resistant Epoxy Rebar

Peak Epoxy Rebar

Peak Standard Rebar

Peak Rebar Chair

Peak Rebar Safety Cap

Welded Wire Mesh

Use the Peak Welded Wire Mesh to strengthen concrete and to minimize cracking and natural settling on smaller construction projects.  

Made from heavy-duty 9-gauge galvanized steel, the Peak Welded Wire Mesh offers strength, durability and versatility.

Designed primarily to strengthen concrete, but this galvanized wire mesh can also be used in various outdoor applications and other creative DIY projects. Cash in on your green thumb by starting your very own vertical garden using the Peak Welded Wire Mesh! Or use it to build a DIY wall organizer for outdoor décor, photos or tools – let your creativity shine!

Heavy-duty Welded Wire Mesh

Peak Building Hardware and Accessories

Correct any sagging floors and basement beams with our range of Jack Posts and Jack Post Plate. Designed to support beams carrying loads and compliant with National Building Code 2010.

Secure your rebar and wire mesh when reinforcing concrete using the Peak Tie Wire and Bar Loop Ties. For ease of installation, use our Tie Wire Twister – featuring a durable design with plastic handle that will not rot. Make sure to review local building codes for proper usage of our tie wire and building accessories.

Complete your toolbox with our Drywall Mud Pan, Sill Gasket, and Steel Angle Lintel.  The Peak Drywall Mud Pan is a must-have for professional builders and DIY enthusiasts. Its extra-thick stainless steel construction makes this durable tray perfect for mixing and applying mud compounds.

Seal any gaps with the Peak Sill Gasket. This energy-saving foam can help reduce heat loss in your home by filling space between the foundation and sill plate. Available in stock in Western Canada Home Depot stores only.

Install the Peak Steel Angle Lintel as header over doors and windows. Finished with corrosion-resistant primer, our Steel Angle Lintel offers a highly durable product that won’t need replacing for many years.

Highly Durable Jack Post

Peak Drywall Mud Pan

Tie Wire and Accessories

Sill Gasket

Steel Angle Lintel