How to Install Your Peak LED Lighting System

Peak LED Lighting 12-Step Installation

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For each section you would like to light, measure the length of the rail between the post sleeves and cut the Strip Holder to length using a mitre saw with a non-ferrous metal cutting blade. Cut the covers to the same length using scissors.

Fasten the Strip Holder to the underside of the handrail using #6x 3/8″ (9.5mm) self-drilling screws (provided) at the pre-drilled locations. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for each railing section.

Secure the Hole-Drilling Guide against the post with the legs of the guide touching the underside of the post sleeve and the small hole in the guide on the side of the post that you would like to drill.

A. Drill a 1/4″ (6.4mm) pilot hole through the guide and into the post.
B. Rotate the Hole Drilling Guide 180°.
C. Finish by drilling a 1/2″ (12.7mm) hole.
D. Use a small round metal file to remove burrs from the inside and outside of each hole. Repeat steps for remaining posts.

Mount the Power Supply and the Wifi Controller in a clean, dry, sheltered location near an electrical outlet with GFCI protection. The maximum recommended distance between the post at the start of the LED Strip and the Wifi Controller is 18′ (5.5m).

At the first section you would like to light, slide the base rail support toward the first post, unfasten the post from the deck and the rails and carefully remove the post.

Turn the post upside down.

A. For single LED Strip applications, feed the Extension Cable down through the post base and out of the post sleeve.
B. For dual LED Strip applications, feed the dual end of the Splitter Cable down through the post base and out of both sides of the post sleeve.

A. Feed the connector end of the LED Strip through the drilled hole in the side of the post and out through the post sleeve. Connect the cables together. For dual strip applications, connect both connector ends of the LED strips to each end of the Splitter Cable.
B. From the bottom of the post, gently pull the Extension or Splitter Cable to move the connection(s) inside the post.

First decide how you will route the Extension Cable or Splitter Cable from the post to the Wifi Controller. Ideally, drill a 1/2” (12.7mm) hole for an Extension Cable or a 1″ (25.4 mm) hole for a Splitter Cable under the post. Then feed the cable through the hole and put the post back into position. Reattach the post and base rail support to the deck in their original position.

Now connect the Extension or Splitter Cable to the WiFi Controller. Determine the best way to secure and conceal the cable for your application.

Put an End Bracket into position on the first post (left End Brackets are different from right End Brackets) and attach to the post sleeve using the existing fastener. Install the remaining fasteners to reattach rails to post. Install the End Brackets onto remaining posts in sections being lit.

Before feeding the LED Strip through the posts, ensure the LED Strip is not twisted and that the lights are facing downward. Using two hands, gently feed the LED Strip through the posts (DO NOT PULL, you will damage the strip).

For corner posts it is helpful to use a small screwdriver to guide the LED Strip through the holes.     Do not install the LED Strip into Strip Holders yet.

Starting with the first section, insert the LED Strip into the Strip Holder and then snap the Cover in place. During this process, feed the excess LED Strip into the next section. Repeat this step until the LED Strip is installed in all sections. Feed any excess LED Strip into the last post.

Clip End Caps onto End Brackets.

Congratulations, you’ve finished the installation … now let’s have some fun with the Peak Lighting App!