RailBlazers Aluminum Railing System - FAQs

RailBlazers® Aluminum Railing

All of our products are proudly sold exclusively at The Home Depot.

Single large glass panels require a 6 foot glass gasket (model 90940, sold separately). The kits that contain 7 x 6 inch panels come with all of the fittings necessary for installation.

Yes, RailBlazers can be installed on concrete surfaces. Please refer to the compliance section for recommended fasteners.

Yes, RailBlazers Aluminum Railing can be installed on a composite deck. Remember to follow building code requirements and add blocking material where necessary.

We do not have a glass infill option for stairs. Our narrow or wide pickets provide the infill solution for staircases.

Our glass panels are fully tempered and therefore are not able to be cut.

No, for safety reasons, only pickets can be used for stair railing applications.

Our fascia mount brackets come with an offset base rail support that is fastened to the fascia board.

The RailBlazers Aluminum Railing gate comes with everything you need to assemble and install a fully functional gate in a 46 inch rough opening. See instructions for modifying the width of the gate to fit smaller openings than 46 inches. *cannot be made larger.

At this time our large glass panels are only available in a clear variety. For a tinted option, we do offer 6” glass panels that come tinted.

RailBlazers comes with a 20 year limited warranty.

Wall mount brackets are secured to walls or existing posts using lag bolts and can be used in place of a post.

Easily clean your railing using warm soapy water followed by thoroughly rinsing away all soap residue with clear water.

Yes, glass panels are available in sizes ranging from 18" up to 66". The sizes increase in 3 inch increments.

The RailBlazers gate fits up to a 46" rough opening without any alterations. RailBlazers gates feature a removable post on one end that allows you to cut the gate down to the size you need. Simply remove the post, mark and cut the gate according to the installation instructions, reattach the removable post and secure with the self-drilling fasteners provided.

Yes, RailBlazers® glass is fully tempered safety glass. RailBlazers® glass is identified by a small PEAK logo etched into the bottom corner of each glass panel. Each North American standard that the glass panels meet is etched into the bottom corner of each glass panel. Always comply with all applicable building codes.

Our standard rebar is manufactured to the Canadian standard CSA G 30.18, Grade 400 W

Glass gaskets are available in 6' lengths. Each 6' set contains one handrail glass gasket (larger of the two gaskets) and one base rail glass gasket (smaller of the two gaskets).

Standard pickets are16mm x 16mm x 950mm (L x W x H), Wide pickets are 38.1mm x 16mm x 950mm (L x W x H), Stair pickets are

The RailBlazers® system is coated with a durable and attractive powder coat finish. In the event your RailBlazers® is scratched, visit your local home improvement retailer and speak to a paint expert for suggestions on the best touch up solution.

A mitre saw with a non-ferrous blade is best.

RailBlazers Aluminum Railing is sold exclusively at The Home Depot

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