RailBlazers Aluminum Railing System - FAQs

RailBlazers® Aluminum Railing

Our 6” glass panel kits come with a full accessory kit that includes gaskets and spacers.  Our large single glass panels (18” – 66”) require a glass gasket which is sold separately.

No, all fasteners are included with the posts or brackets; however, one base rail support is included with each hand & base rail.

The post attachment lag bolts supplied with the posts are designed for certain wood applications and may not be suitable for all wood applications. For attachment to concrete, consult a qualified structural engineer to obtain advice on the appropriate measures to follow in order to securely fasten RailBlazers® to concrete.

No, they are different. Standard stair pickets are shorter than regular pickets, and wide stair pickets are cut on an angle. Stair spacers are longer than regular spacers and have angles cut at each end.

Our gates are available in black or white, with wide or narrow pickets and fit a 46" opening. They can be cut down to fit smaller openings as necessary.

Yes. For concrete installation, we recommend “tapcon” screws, “redhead” screws, or anchor bolts. The anchoring screws that come with Peak Aluminum Railing are intended for use on certain wood applications only, so you would need to purchase these concrete fasteners separately. All of these concrete fasteners should be readily available through your local Home Depot. We recommend that you consult with a local engineer to ensure the fasteners you select will provide the necessary strength to meet your local building codes.

We do not recommend painting it, as this hasn’t been tested and could affect your warranty.

Our gates are available with wide or narrow pickets only.

We do not have a glass infill option for stairs. Our narrow or wide pickets provide the infill solution for staircases.

Yes, your imagination is the only limit. You can even use decorative spacers in the same section as a glass panel and pickets. Be sure to use the correct gaskets for each (picket or glass).

Yes, you can use our railing system on composite decking.

Our aluminum railing system is powder coated to protect against the effects of ACQ treated lumber.

Our railing system was designed for use as a guardrail, however we manufacture an aluminum fencing system that might better suit your needs.

No, for safety reasons, only pickets can be used for stair railing applications.

Our fascia mount brackets come with a base rail support bracket which attaches to the fascia itself.

Yes, it is a complete gate kit with all required fasteners and hardware included.

To achieve angles other than 90 degrees, our universal connector can be configured to swivel horizontally or vertically (for stair applications).

At this time, all of our glass panels only come in a standard height of 36 5/16” high.

Our posts come in a standard height of 42”.

Our hand & base rails are available in 4 ft. and 6 ft. lengths. We do not offer hand & base rails in 8 ft. lengths.

At this time our large glass panels are only available in a clear variety. For a tinted option, we do offer 6” glass panels that come tinted.

Our gates do not come with a locking mechanism at this time.

Our gates come with a latch and retainer mechanism that keeps the gate closed.

Yes, RailBlazers® quality allows us to offer you a 20 year limited warranty.

If you prefer that your railing connect directly to a wall instead of a post, you can use our wall mount brackets for this purpose. Our wall mount brackets are secured to existing surfaces using lag bolts, and then your railing secures to the wall mount bracket with self-drilling screws.

We recommend using a soft cloth with warm soapy water, followed by rinsing thoroughly.

The base rail sits 2-7/16” off the ground to the bottom of the base rail once assembled.

We currently offer the diamond decorative spacers (black or white). These decorative spacers can be used in every space between the pickets, every other space or wherever you think looks best. Your imagination is the only limit!

Building code requires no more than 4” of space between any two points.

Our pickets are 36” high.

Our fasteners that come with our aluminum railing products are stainless steel.

The powder coating that is used on our railing system has been designed to withstand approximately 3,000 hours of continuous salt spray.

Make sure you have removed the "picket gaskets" and have inserted the "glass gaskets". It is important to use liquid soap and water on both the glass gaskets and the top and bottom of the glass panel to help slide the glass panels into the glass gaskets. Always use two people to install glass panels. During installation, handle glass from the sides, not the bottom. Insert the glass panel completely inside the handrail gasket first and then lower into the base rail gasket. Ensure that the glass panel is completely seated in the base rail gasket. Rinse off soap.

The process of fascia mount bracket installation results in the top of the bracket sitting flush with your deck surface, so the height of your railing system isn’t jeopardized.

Glass panels are available between 18 and 66 inches, in 3 inch increments via special order through your local Home Depot Canada stores. Home Depot Canada stores stock 42″ and 66″ panels in their stores. Please see our components section for a complete list of sizes

RailBlazers® is currently offered in 42" height to suit the majority of applications.

The heads of all fasteners provided with RailBlazers® are powder coated to match the color of the product.

The RailBlazers® gate fits up to a 46” rough opening without any alterations. RailBlazers® gates feature a removable post on one end that allows you to cut the gate down to the size you need. Simply remove the post, mark and cut the gate according to the installation instructions, reattach the removable post and secure with the self-drilling fasteners provided.

Yes, RailBlazers® glass is fully tempered safety glass. RailBlazers® glass is identified by a small PEAK logo etched into the bottom corner of each glass panel. Each North American standard that the glass panels meet is etched into the bottom corner of each glass panel. Always comply with all applicable building codes.

Yes, the tinted option is available in 6" panels.

Our stair spacers are 4.5”, and are cut on opposing angles. Our regular spacers are 3-15/16”.

Our spacers are available through special order at Home Depot.

Single pickets are no longer available at The Home Depot. However, if you are in need of  extra pickets, please contact our friendly customer service team toll-free at 1-877-883-7325 or email cservice@peakproducts.com. Thank you!

In the uncommon situation where a component of our aluminum railing system is missing or defective, we encourage the customer to contact us directly via email at cservice@peakproducts.com, or telephone at +1 (877) 883-7325. We stand by our products and make customer satisfaction our highest priority.

Although we have supplied our product with a 3" long lag bolts, these specific fasteners may not be suitable for all applications. Each customer should consult a qualified structural engineer to obtain advice on the appropriate measure to follow in order to securely fasten RailBlazers® to your specific deck structure and to ensure compliance with all applicable building codes.

Our fascia mount brackets allow you to mount our railings to your deck fascia and therefore no penetration of the deck surface is necessary.  As an added bonus, they also provide a few extra inches of deck space.

Aluminum delivers the best combination of appearance, strength, and durability. Easy to assemble, and low maintenance, the powder coated finish will continue to retain its beauty for many years and is backed by a manufacturer's 20 year limited warranty. For a more detailed analysis, check out this article.

Our base rail supports are 1.5” wide and 2 5/8” tall, and we provide one per each length of 4’ or 6’ railing

Our decorative spacers measure 3-15/16”, and come in packs of four.

Each standard picket measures 5/8” x 5/8”, and our wide pickets are 5/8” x 1.5”

Standard pickets: 16mm x 16mm x 950mm (L x W x H)
Wide pickets: 38.1mm x 16mm x 950mm (L x W x H)
Posts: 50.8mm x 50.8mm x 955mm (L x W x H)

Our post column measures 2"x2" and the base measures 4"x4".

RailBlazers® is available in both black and white.

Each 6” glass panel kit comes with 7 panels, 14 glass gasket assemblies. Each kit also comes with 16 white and 16 black spacers. This allows each kit to work with either white or black railing.

Glass gaskets are available in 6' lengths. Each 6' set contains one handrail glass gasket (larger of the two gaskets) and one base rail glass gasket (smaller of the two gaskets).

We recommend using 2”x8” blocking directly under the location of your posts to provide more stability.

Hacksaw or metal cutting saw, drill, drill bits, Phillips screwdriver, safety glasses, measuring tape, liquid soap (for glass panel installations) and non-corrosive exterior caulking.

The RailBlazers® system is coated with a durable and attractive powder coat finish. In the event your RailBlazers® is scratched, visit your local home improvement retailer and speak to a paint expert for suggestions on the best touch up solution.

A mitre saw with a non-ferrous blade is best.

RailBlazers® Aluminum Railing is carried at all Home Depot Canada stores nationally. For more information, call Peak customer service at 1 (877) 883 - PEAK (7325).

Our glass panels are fully tempered and therefore are not able to be cut.

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