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Sliding Screen Door Kit

Make your next sliding screen door your last with the Peak Sliding Screen Door Kit!

An all-in-one screening product, this kit comes with everything you need to quickly and easily assemble a sliding screen door up to 80 inches in height. It includes an extruded aluminum frame, frame corners, fiberglass screen, handle, spline and spline tool.

Expect top-tier durability and reliable strength. Our sliding screen door kit features an extruded aluminum frame that is rigid and easy to transport. The frame is fitted with metal wheels for smooth operation and longevity.

Attractive and built to last, the Peak Sliding Screen Door Kit truly is the perfect DIY solution for keeping insects, bugs and debris out without blocking visibility and airflow in your home.

Make your insect screen door installation easy with the multi-purpose Peak Spline Roller with Knife.

Easy-to-assemble Sliding Screen Door Kit

White extruded aluminum frame

Assembled Sliding Screen Door

Window Screen Kit

The Peak Window Screen Kit is a high-quality window screening product that is easy to transport and quick to assemble.

It includes everything you need to assemble any window screen up to 36”, 48” or 60” in size! Each kit comes with an extruded aluminum frame, frame corners, fiberglass screen, spline, spline tool and knife.

Available in two beautiful colour options – White or Charcoal – to fit any home’s exterior.

Simplify your bug window screen installation with the multi-purpose Peak Spline Roller with Knife.

White Window Screen Kit

Assembled White Window Screen

Charcoal Window Screen Kit

Assembled Charcoal Window Screen

Everbilt Aluminum Screens and Fiberglass Screens

Protect your interiors from insects, bugs and debris with our wide selection of Everbilt screens and screening accessories!

Our Everbilt Aluminum Screens offer a long-lasting solution for insect protection. Ideal for screen doors and high-traffic areas, this range is made from high-quality aluminum that resists corrosion and is virtually maintenance-free! Choose from Black or Silver to complement your home’s exterior.

For fiberglass screening options, you can’t go wrong with our Everbilt Black Fiberglass Screen range or the Everbilt Black Fiberglass Screen Repair Kit. Our fiberglass screens feature a tight weave pattern for excellent protection from insects and bugs without blocking airflow and visibility.

Only looking to repair small holes and tears in window and door screens? Check out the Everbilt Fiberglass Screen Patches. These the screen patches have self-adhering strips to secure easily to both sides of the screen – no tools required!

Everbilt Aluminum Screen in Silver

Everbilt Black Fiberglass Screen

Everbilt Black Fiberglass Screen Repair Kit

Everbilt Fiberglass Screen Patch

Everbilt Walk Through Screen Door and Pet Screen

The Everbilt Walk Through Screen Door features a magnetic closure and installs in minutes without any tools! Our screen door is made from durable fibreglass materials to provide excellent insect protection within an existing door frame, while allowing fresh air circulation in the home. Supported at the top by an adjustable, sturdy spring-loaded rod, the screen magnetically shuts to ensure it hangs straight and secure against intruding insects.

For households with pets, check out the Everbilt Pet Screen. Made from heavy-duty, vinyl-coated polyester, this reinforced pet screen is tear-resistant and provides extra protection against pet damage. It’s easy to install, strong and will not rust, corrode or unravel over time.

Everbilt Walk Through Screen Door

Everbilt Heavy-Duty Pet Screen