Aluminum Railing

Large single glass panels require an additional glass gasket, model 50940, sold separately. The 6 inch glass panel kits come with all accessories needed for installation.

No, due to safety reasons, glass panels cannot be used on stairs. Narrow or Wide stair pickets are the infill options for stairs.

Yes, a mitre saw with a high tooth count, non-ferrous blade is recommended.

Yes, Peak Aluminum Railing can be installed on a composite deck. Remember to contact the manufacturer of the composite deck boards for any recommendations.

Yes, Peak Aluminum Railing can be installed on concrete by replacing the lag bolts with an appropriate masonry fastener, sold separately.

"Our glass panels are fully tempered and therefore are not able to be cut."

the Universal Connector brackets can be used in various configurations to achieve angles other than 90 degrees.

Yes, the fascia mount brackets come with an off-set base rail support that attaches to the fascia board or rim joist.

Use the Wall Mount Brackets to connect hand & base rails to a wall or existing post.

We recommend using a soft cloth with warm soapy water, followed by rinsing thoroughly.