LED Starter Kit

The LED Starter Kit contains all of the electronic components you will need to start your project, including: a power supply, Wi-Fi controller, extension cable and 19’ 6” (6m) LED strip. It’s easy-to-install and easy-to-use!

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LED Extension Strip

To add an additional LED strip, purchase the LED Extension Strip. This kit includes a splitter cable and a LED strip. It is ideal to extend your Starter Kit. For large projects requiring more than 2 LED strips, you can purchase multiple Starter Kits and multiple Extension strips and combine them within the Peak Lighting app!

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LED Strip Holders

The LED Strip Holders come with everything you need to mount your LED strips to your railing system, or to other items around your home. This kit includes end brackets, end caps, strip holders, covers, hole drilling guide and screws.

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Available Exclusively at The Home Depot

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Have Some Fun with The Peak Lighting App

Explore the amazing versatility of the Peak LED Lighting system with the Wi-Fi enabled Peak Lighting App. Endless color options, special effects, set schedules or even have the lights change to the beat of your music all available with a few simple taps. Get started today and enjoy captivating LED lights in the comfort of your own home within hours! It is free, easy to use and fun!

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